New project: How to catch a fish

I’m pleased to announce my collaboration with the author on the publishing of “How to catch a fish” by Ross Waters. ‘How to Catch a Fish’ is the ultimate kick start for anybody interested in catching fish. Never before has so much information been condensed into such a wonderfully coherent and understandable way. Volumes of […]

Hello world!

Thanks for visiting my website and blog. This is a project that is long overdue. My focus has been primarily to get the site up and then I shall refine from here. So apologies if anything is a little “rough round the edges”. I’d appreciate it, that if you spot any problems, bugs, spelling mistakes, […]

Switching to Linux (Ubuntu)

I wrote this up to send to a friend who was interested in moving to Linux. Thought it might help someone else too. Ubuntu is a Linux distribution. There are thousands of “distributions” based on Linux, Ubuntu being one of them, currently the most popular Linux Desktop distribution sponsored by Canonical, owned by Mark Shuttleworth. […]

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