Big bang

I watched this launch yesterday; it really did feel historic, the start of something. This Arstechninca article has a lot more info but I thought the author summarises things well.

Much remains to be done, and Starship is a work in progress. But this is historic. No one really knows what our planet, our orbit, or our Solar System will look like with low-cost launch, frequent access to space, and essentially no constraints on mass. We have never experienced anything like that before.

Startship launch
Credit: Spacex

Mitigate the Risk of Greenwashing with Angela Barter

You have all seen it, perhaps even believed it. Flowers coming out the back of the exhaust of a car…, claims like “endorsed by mother earth” “planet friendly”, “eco”. The following talk will help you avoid falling into the trap of greenwashing when telling your sustainability story of your company, product or organisation. Also a great watch if you want to understand more about sustainability messaging and greenwashing.

With more than 20 years of experience, Angela Barter is a widely-respected public relations specialist and Sustainability Communication Strategist. She holds a MPhil in Environmental Management from Stellenbosch University.

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