If you using Zoom – rather don’t

Public service announcement…

“Why should I not use Zoom? It’s so cool and everyone is using it……”



OK what should I do?

Stick with tried and tested companies, we know where stand with them. They not perfect but at least you know what is going on.

Skype (Microsoft) – https://www.skype.com

Google Meet/Hangouts –
https://meet.google.com/ (Gsuite Users) or
https://hangouts.google.com/ (“Normal” users – aka gmail users)

Published by Brendan

Brendan Piater is the founder of Arctic Online, a successful website design studio, Internet technologies expert, passionate conservationist, open source and free culture enthusiast, entrepreneur, expert spear-fisherman, ex-pineapple farmer and a rather good mackerel fisherman.

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