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Insight into How you are being exploited by Facebook, Google and Others

Corporations are not allowed to destroy civilisation just because it’s more profitable than building civilisation.

Roger McNamee

There is a storm coming for companies like Facebook. It’s going to be a bad one and I for one cannot wait till it rolls in.

I’ve linked below to a great conversation with Roger McNamee and Sam Harris about how major tech companies are misusing our data without permission and without our knowledge. Additionally how promoting anger, hostility, conspiracy over user happiness is good for business.

It’s a great conversation with players who understand the issues, how these issues are negatively affecting us (including you!) and is recommend listening for all. Click the link below to listen or download.


On Climate Change

Andrea Booher/FEMA
Helicopters drop water and fire retardant on the Harris fire, near the Mexican border, to stop a wildfire from advancing. Andrea Booher/FEMA

I cannot say this any better than Al Gore did in 2006:

“It takes time to connect the dots, I know that, but I also know that there can be a day of reckoning when you wish you had connected the dots more quickly.”

We need to wake up from this state of denial and get our damn heads out of the sand, or we and our children will not recognise the world as we’ve known it.

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