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Are you sharing the custody of your home with companies?

The follow article by Kashmir Hill and Surya Mattu is very well researched and written article that looks behind the scenes with what’s happening to all those lovely “smart” devices plugged in the the Internet at your home. Even if you don’t have a “smart home” we all have very smart devices, aka our phones…, sitting with us all the time. This applies to them too.

So have a read, it’s very insightful.

The House That Spied on Me

In December, I converted my one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco into a “smart home.” I connected as many of my appliances and belongings as I could to the internet: an Amazon Echo, my lights, my coffee maker, my baby monitor, my kid’s toys, my vacuum, my TV, my toothbrush, a photo frame, a sex toy, and even my bed.

“Our bed?” asked my husband, aghast. “What can it tell us?”

“Our breathing rate, heart rate, how often we toss and turn, and then it will give us a sleep report each morning,” I explained.

“Sounds creepy,” he said, as he plopped down on that bed, not bothered enough to relax instead on our non-internet-connected couch.

I soon discovered that the only thing worse than getting a bad night’s sleep is to subsequently get a report from my bed telling me I got a low score and “missed my sleep goal.” Thanks, smart bed, but I know that already. I feel like shit.

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[Take Action] TPP threatens to end free expression online as we know it

From openmedia.org

In by email today. Do your bit and get involved to support an open and free Internet where nobody else decides what you can and can’t see, read, do online. This is fundamental right that people have died to secure for you. Don’t let a bunch of greedy corporate backed politicians take it away. It’s easier to defend freedoms that to gain them back again…

Your OpenMedia team has just confirmed the location of a new ultra-secretive meeting to finalize the Trans Pacific Partnership’s (TPP) Internet censorship plan.

It’s taking place in just a few days in Ottawa, Canada.

In response: OpenMedia is launching a new easy-to-use Internet Voice tool that will get your voice directly to those behind the TPP’s Internet censorship plan. Add your voice now >>>

We’ve seen industry lobbyists and bureaucrats go to extreme lengths to keep their plans secret before.1 But this time really takes the cake.

We’ve kept on top of these TPP developments and we found out about the Ottawa meeting to finalize the censorship plans with just a few days left. We’re ready for them despite the short notice.

If signed, the TPP will mean the end of free expression online as we know it. It would force service providers to censor the Internet – removing content, and even blocking websites outright.2 The expense will be passed on to you.

Under pressure from over 3.1 million people around the world,3 key negotiators have agreed to meet with us.

What concern would you raise with a TPP decision-maker if they were standing in front of you? Internet censorship? Privacy? New Internet costs? Lack of democracy?

Those involved in TPP censorship plans will be meeting us soon and we want to have your comments in hand. We’ll make sure your voice is heard if you join in now.

Powerful interests are going to great lengths to keep secrets from you, so they can sign an agreement that gives outdated media conglomerates the power to control how you share, collaborate, and express yourself online.

They hope to finalize an agreement that will globalize Internet censorship in the coming days — This could be our last chance to reach them face-to-face. We hope you’ll take this opportunity.

Thank you for being a part of this — our tools and strategies are effective because of you.

Josh, Meghan, and Steve, on behalf of your OpenMedia team.

P.S., We’re a small and nimble team, but we’re going up against some big players. Donations from our supporters fuel our work and make a huge impact on our ability to win. Please, consider chipping in today.



[1] If the TPP is so wonderful, why keep it secret?. Source: iPolitics.

[2] Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP). Source: WikiLeaks.

[3] Huge international campaign beams 3.1 million signature petition count on prominent buildings in Washington, D.C. Source: OpenMedia.org.