This therefore puts Uncle Sam in an amusing spot. It can’t be against the concept of lawful interception interfaces in Huawei’s gear because it, too, wants the ability to snoop on people on demand. Don’t forget, as well as wanting to cripple strong encryption with Feds-only backdoors, the US government maintains laws that require networks and equipment makers grant agents access to certain information on demand – though those laws require cooperation from the carriers and manufacturers, and not unilateral, silent access.

Thus, the US government is left railing against Huawei for, allegedly, maintaining the ability to silently and secretly snoop on networks.

Because God forbid anyone secretly spies on people without warning, such as by intercepting data-center links, or bugging routers in transit, or championing flawed cryptographic algorithms, or straight-up breaking into foreign telcos… and, yeah, you get the picture.

If anyone’s going to silently snoop on anyone, it’s Uncle Sam – not China, thank you very much.

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The problem in the world right now…is not China. It’s the USA. And lets be clear, it’s the American people that need to take responsibility for their country and it elected officials. Not saying China is without blame, just that this is probably the most obvious case of the pot calling the kettle black I’ve ever seen. The very fact that I’m nervous to post this…should say it all.

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