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Screencine launched

I’m very pleased to announce that Screencine has been launched. I am the project lead for Screencine and I’m very proud of what we’ve

Screencine website

achieved for the launch.

Screencine is a screensaver application that allows you to display a video as your screensaver.

Screencine is build on the foundations of community, creative commons and open source. By this I mean that where possible all the code and creative is available for anyone to re-use or modify as they like.

My goal as project leader is to bring these contributions together to make the project stronger, the application better and increase the content available.

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New project: Backup solution, Metlife Mall

Completed a small scale backup solution today for the Metlife Mall administration office. They only have a couple of work stations but had no backup processes in place at all.

Backups are only important when you need them. It’s not a case of if, but when you’ll need to restore a backup of your data.

Certainly, backing up is one of the most important safe guards for your data.  If you not backing up, start today. Hard drives fail, accidents happen.

Personal backups are a pretty straight forward process, Lifehacker have a good article to get you on the right track if you on Mac or Windows. If you a novice Linux user (i.e. you don’t use rsync or the command line regularly…), then “Back In Time” is a good alternative to Mac’s “Time Machine”.