UK fishing communities – who is stealing your right to fish?

Landing mackerel
Landing mackerel in Mousehole, less than 5 commercial fishermen still fish from here

UK fishing communities are having their fishing rights stolen from them. Having lived in a fishing community in the UK for four years and fished for pleasure and profit, I have seen the devastation of this policy, and the myriad of other EU and UK fisheries policy, has wrecked on the livelihood of local small boat fishermen, who make up 75% of the UK fishing fleet.

Again we see big business forcing the hand of politicians for their own gain rather than the protection of a public resource and livelihood of those that depend on it.

The decline of the British fishing industry is often blamed on the EU quota system – the means by which European policymakers decide how many fish European fleets are allowed to catch every year. Less is generally said about how the UK government allocates their share of EU quota domestically – and how this unfair allocation represents a stealth privatisation of public rights, destroying the British fishing industry and the coastal communities that depend on it.

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New project: Backup solution, Metlife Mall

Completed a small scale backup solution today for the Metlife Mall administration office. They only have a couple of work stations but had no backup processes in place at all.

Backups are only important when you need them. It’s not a case of if, but when you’ll need to restore a backup of your data.

Certainly, backing up is one of the most important safe guards for your data.  If you not backing up, start today. Hard drives fail, accidents happen.

Personal backups are a pretty straight forward process, Lifehacker have a good article to get you on the right track if you on Mac or Windows. If you a novice Linux user (i.e. you don’t use rsync or the command line regularly…), then “Back In Time” is a good alternative to Mac’s “Time Machine”.


New project: Helping the move to Open Source, Lazerteq

standard OSI logo

Lazerteq Security’s administrative staff have been having continued issues with the default applications provided with the Microsoft operating system they purchased and installed on their work stations, ranging from malware, viruses, software bugs and various usability issues.

I’ll be consulting with Lazerteq to assist in the move to Open Source software for as many applications as possible to alleviate some of these ongoing issues.

The first phase of this is an initial migration of core applications like web browsers, email clients and “office” applications, accumulating in the move to an open source Linux based operating system for their work stations.

If you’d like to know more about the benefits read on, or contact me for more information. Continue reading “New project: Helping the move to Open Source, Lazerteq”

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