Update 2018/01/29:

Finalist Teams Announced

Back in 2014, XPrize launched a new competition designed to tackle illiteracy in the developing world. Like all XPrize competitions, the Global Learning challenge was aimed at solving a big problem by offering up serious prize money to technology teams all the world. In this case, the problem to be addressed is the fact that hundreds of millions of children around the world cannot read, write or do basic arithmetic. The competition has now been whittled down to five finalists.

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I’m very excited about this project and so happy that I was able to contribute to the Indiegogo campaign. It’s such a worthy cause and truly something I believe in passionately. Without education, we will fail to rid the world of the massive problems we face.  Some hard hitting facts:

  •  1.6 Million more teachers are needed in classrooms by 2015 – UNESCO
  • 250 million children around the world cannot read or write – UNESCO
  • Learning basic reading skills could lift 171 million people out of poverty – UNESCO

Here is some more information if you interested in this amazing project:

You can read more here: Global Learning XPRIZE

Image credit: Global Learning XPRIZE

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