New project: Helping the move to Open Source, Lazerteq

Lazerteq Security’s administrative staff have been having continued issues with the default applications provided with the Microsoft operating system they purchased and installed on their work stations, ranging from malware, viruses, software bugs and various usability issues. I’ll be consulting with Lazerteq to assist in the move to Open Source software for as many applications […]

Hello world!

Thanks for visiting my website and blog. This is a project that is long overdue. My focus has been primarily to get the site up and then I shall refine from here. So apologies if anything is a little “rough round the edges”. I’d appreciate it, that if you spot any problems, bugs, spelling mistakes, […]

Switching to Linux (Ubuntu)

I wrote this up to send to a friend who was interested in moving to Linux. Thought it might help someone else too. Ubuntu is a Linux distribution. There are thousands of “distributions” based on Linux, Ubuntu being one of them, currently the most popular Linux Desktop distribution sponsored by Canonical, owned by Mark Shuttleworth. […]

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