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Global Learning XPRIZE

I’m very excited about this project and so happy that I was able to contribute to the Indiegogo campaign. It’s such a worthy cause and truly something I believe in passionately. Without education, we will fail to rid the world of the massive problems we face.  Some hard hitting facts:

  •  1.6 Million more teachers are needed in classrooms by 2015 – UNESCO
  • 250 million children around the world cannot read or write – UNESCO
  • Learning basic reading skills could lift 171 million people out of poverty – UNESCO

Here is some more information if you interested in this amazing project:

You can read more here: Global Learning XPRIZE

Image credit: Global Learning XPRIZE

Use the Internet? Time to do your bit, today.


Net neutrality— the idea that Internet service providers (ISPs) should treat all data that travels over their networks equally—got major attention this Spring when the FCC released proposed regulatory guidelines that left Internet users and companies alike deeply concerned. The proposal included new language giving ISPs leeway to create a “fast lane” for certain websites (i.e. websites with deep pockets that were willing to shell out more money for faster access to users).

But you can’t have a fast lane without also having a slower lane. And that means everyday websites—including journalistic websites and start-up companies that could compete with established web services—could be slow to load, even as our expectations for loading speed leap ahead in the coming years.

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[Petition] Stop Eskom’s Mega Pollution Application (South Africa)

My personal thoughts on this is that over and above the human cost, keeping the pressure on Eskom about pollution will force more investment into clean renewable energy. That is a win for every single living thing on the planet, not only the few humans that live in South Africa.

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Via Greenpeace:

​​So our favourite Eskom is trying to cut corners again – but this time the impact could be truly devastating.

South Africa has pollution laws in place to protect human health, now Eskom is actively trying to bypass those laws. It says that complying would cost them too much.

Findings show that meeting the pollution standards would prevent up to 20,000 premature deaths – Eskom’s non-compliance could cause them.

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I don’t think any corporation should get away with this kind of thing. Human health is not just a nice-to-have or an optional extra.