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New Website Up For Arctic Online Website Design Services

What is that they say about the mechanic’s car being often neglected…? Well after three years and a job well done I have finally retired the old (and tired) website and replaced it with a shiny new one for my website design business, Arctic Online. You can see it here:

The website is designed to be “fresh”, easy to use and mobile friendly. It of course is also geared to it’s primary objective which is to generate new business.

The website will promote recent projects and share client testimonials. I’ll be using this to share with perspective clients as part of the sales and marketing resources for the business.

The website uses the popular WordPress Content Management system and is makes use of latest HTML and CSS features.

New Project Launch – Vintage Trade

The Challenge

To create a website that matched the prestige of the art that Vintage Trade deals in. Hirst, Warhol, Banksy to name few. Drive leads for the business by getting visitors to contact Vintage Trade. The site needed to not only look great, but be easy to use and function well on mobile devices too.

The Solution

Present the website beautifully on the page. Rather than compete with the Artists, high quality images of great art pieces are used throughout the site. Instantly recognisable to the visitors. The site is responsive to the size of the screen it’s being viewed on so looks equally great on desktops and mobile devices.

Read more about the project here:
Visit the website: